News update January 7th 2010

On 5th January 2010 at a Special Council Meeting (called by 9 SNP and Independent Councillors, including both Mull Councillors Mary Jean Devon and Gordon Chalmers) Provost Petrie announced there had been a Material Change to the Proposals to close 25 schools – based on the information contained in the SRSN’s Presentation (mentioned below) and as a result of this, a motion was passed to halt the Consultation process. New Proposals will be drawn up, having looked at not just the 25 schools but the entire primary school estate, and presented to the Council at the March 3rd meeting at Kilmory.

Both Councillors Mary Jean Devon and Gordon Chalmers voted against the Alliance of Independent Councillors Motion, voting instead for the simpler and less political Amendment. Both Motion and Amendment asked – in different ways – for the same thing ultimately – the cessation of the current Proposals.

SRSN (Scottish Rural Schools Network) gave a Presentation to the Councillors which highlighted the flaws and inaccuracies in the original Proposals, and it was agreed that they would be involved (though in what way we don’t yet know) in the review taking place between now and March 3rd.

The Education Spokesperson Councillor Ellen Morton has given her word she will consult the communities and listen to their opinions. We look forward to that


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