Don’t abandon Ulva and Gometra

Ulva Primary and the Ulva Ferry area take their names from the island of Ulva, which is situated about a mile south of Ulva Primary and separated from the mainland of Mull by around 200 metres of water.

In the past, any children on the isles of Ulva and its neighbour Gometra have attended Ulva Primary, thanks to a local ferry service that runs between Mull and Ulva. Ulva’s a big island some five or six miles in length with no proper roads, so children have a huge trek just to get to Ulva Primary.

Here’s a video showing where Ulva Ferry and the island of Ulva are in relation to Ulva Primary:

As you can see, despite being a narrow stretch of water, the sea can get too rough to cross – often in a short period of time when the weather turns. This means we rely on our local ferryman to let the inhabitants of Ulva know when the weather’s turning bad and to head for home ASAP.

If the children were in Dervaig, it simply wouldn’t be possible to react in time to changes in the sea.

Closing Ulva Primary would condemn the historic islands of Ulva and Gometra to a future without young families as no one would relish the lengthy trip to a primary school much further afield.


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