Ulva Primary School catchment area housing map

One of the many problems facing schools in beautiful rural areas is the lack of housing. Considering the huge number of holiday/second homes in the catchment area, we’re very proud of the community we’ve built here.

Houses with children attending Ulva Primary or children of pre-school age are shown in YELLOW, second homes and holiday houses are RED. Occupied houses with no children are represented by the BLUE marker.


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One response to “Ulva Primary School catchment area housing map

  1. Stan Thorgood

    As stated
    ”As I stated to Alan Reid SMP last winter when he asked why I had closed the sections of road at Burg/Ensay & why I wouldn’t treat – I am not prepared to endanger my workforce.”
    The person concerned is not prepared to endager my workforce yet letting the school children endanger themselves & bus drivers/parents is ok.
    Which part of cloud cuckoo land does this person hail from. Keep the school open at least the youngster will get some sort of education.

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