Save Ulva and Lochdonhead Primary Schools!

Ulva Primary School and Lochdonhead Primary School are two of many isolated rural schools Argyll & Bute council is proposing to close. Here we will tell you why this would be terrible for both pupils and the two local communities.



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3 responses to “Save Ulva and Lochdonhead Primary Schools!

  1. Robert N MacLeod

    How much money is the government spending on educational programs and establishing schools in the third world? Whilst I agree that we must aid those less fortunate than our selves, could this money not be diverted back home to look after our own?

  2. Davina Stewart

    Having visited this area in September. We cannot believe that a council made up of local citizens could contemplate closing the primary school and require children to travel greater distances over such primative roads and through the winter weather. Please reconsider and put young children’s needs ahead of economic rationalism.

  3. Chrys Worboys

    As a regular visitor to the Isle of Mull I am staggered that the idea of closing local schools is even contemplated. As one who has personally suffered as a result of changes to the schoolastic system I know the long lasting impact of such changes on an individual. The long lasting effect on the communities will be equally distructive. Maybe those that make the decisions regarding education should take a long hard look at other areas where economies can be made and divert much needed funds to areas within it’s own area of responsibility. The Clearnaces are maybe a distant memory but not supporting small communities will only encourage families, once more, to move away from their villages.

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